We Are Hiring !


Are you interested in learning what goes on behind the scenes of our team?


Milktee is expanding and we’re looking for new recruitments to help us out.

Think that you have what it takes to be part of the Milktee team?




Do you have a passion for fashion?

Have an extensive knowledge of software (photoshop, illustrator, flash ) ?  

We want you !

We're looking for a creative, organized and detail oriented person to join our team as a graphic designer.

Knowledge in photography is an advantage !



Do you like talking to people?

Does all your friends come to you for style advices?

We are an online company so we rely heavily on online communications, but face-to-face communications might happen!

You will be expected to make quick decisions, in our fast-paced customer-focused environment.

If you think you are patient enough, join us!



You like to organize things. The smallest detail can bug you like no tomorrow.

Resolving every little issues that come up between the back of house and the front line with be your everyday job.

If you think you have what it takes to make sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly, we definitely want you.

Join us!



You know our style. You like our style and you know how to showcase it.

You are able to think, analyze and plan ahead.

You are out to make sure everything is on schedule so nothing goes wrong before it's too late.

We would like you to join our team!

You will work closely with our supply chain and customer care so communication skills is crucial!




Are you obsessed with finding out what's behind the scene of our team?

Always wanted to learn how we operate the business?

We want you Interns !  Milktee is looking for a qualified intern to join our team.  

As an intern you will get to work with a variety of our staff, and gained broad experience in various aspects.




Send us your resume with related documents to ying@milktee.nu