Hello Everyone.


How’s your puasa going? Any good?



As we post up this blog, we are just 8 days away till Raya! 8 more sleeps and it’s Raya! Whoahhh, seriously you guys!!  Felt like just yesterday we entered Ramadhan month, and now we’ll be seeing Syawal soon. What is with time just zooming past us?



Well, we know most of you are excited that Raya is nearly here. You know, it’s the time where you get together with your whole family, packing your stuffs for balik kampung, enjoying the journey of balik kampung (minus the traffic jam of course!), kids are getting excited for the green packets, new clothes for Raya and many more.



But, the best part of Raya is FOOD of course!!



How can you say no to Raya food?! I mean just think about it already makes us drooling here.






Well, one thing we love the most is the Ketupat (rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch) with Kuah Kacang (peanut sauce) . Usually we eat satay with kuah kacang, but with ketupat is good too! One ketupat is definitely not enough for sure.





Next thing we love is Lontong (vegetable soup in coconut milk). You can eat this lontong with ketupat. Lontong is mostly served during Hari Raya. As it's not too spicy, this dish appeals to people of all ages. Loaded with lots of vegetables, this makes for a nutritious one-dish meal. Of course the best one are home-made.






Last but not least, RENDANG! It’s like our favourite dish ever !! We think yours too right? Just look at it. How can you say no to Rendang? It’s like a must have dish that you can never ever miss. A traditional dish that can be prepared with beef, mutton, lamb or chicken. It can be served with almost anything. From ketupat, lemang, nasi lemak, or just eat it as it is.





Oh nyummmm.. Just writing about it , we can feel our mouth is watering already.

Well i guess we better stop it right there. Because we are still in the fasting month, and talking about food might not be such a good idea. Hihi.



Oh well, what’s your Raya fav food?




See you next time.




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