Hello Ladies.


Two words. 

Accessories and Layering.What’s the first thing that came through your mind?



Accessorizing is all about enhancing your personal style. Specifically, the jewellery you choose and how you wear it helps to define your look. Layering your accessories, especially your jewellery, seems to be one of the hottest trend of today.

 While there aren't any specific rules to applying this trend, most of the time the necklaces are of different length so that they can stand out on their own instead of getting tangled in a bunch. Well, the same rules applies for layering your rings too!

 It can actually be a little tricky to put things together and create a look that makes sense. If you want to get in on the latest trend in accessories, check out these tips on how to layer your jewellery.

1) Decide On A Theme

Before you do anything, decide a theme of your look for that day because you don't want to accessorize without rhyme or rhythm. The theme can be anything. It could be based on the whole outfit you’re wearing, your make up or even your feels.



2) Go for Length

Varying the length of your necklaces will make every piece of it look ‘individual’ instead of just one clump of mess.  Try to use chains of different styles and textures, too, to keep the look interesting. Wear your shortest collar necklace with an extra long chain - it almost looks like one really lengthy piece that has been looped around your neck.



3) Pair The New With The Old

We love seeing dainty jewellery against an old heirloom or cocktail jewellery. That blend of new and subtle with a vintage statement piece creates an interesting contrast.



4) Stacking Rings

When it comes to rings, it’s no longer all about the conventional ones anymore. Today, you have so many choices ranging from the regular rings to knuckle rings to ring chains to midi rings and what not. Create a commemorative stack on your ring finger, adding in a special ring for anniversaries, babies, and other big moments.



What's also awesome about this trend is that you can tweak it to your own taste and style,
by pairing pieces you love the most
by or purchasing the layered jewellery as a set!    
Try it. It’s Fun :)    
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