Bonjour Ladies !


How is everyone? Getting Ready for the holy month of Ramadhan?

 Well, one thing we know for sure is,whenever the Ramadhan is here, it means time to shop for Rayaaaa!!


Well, of course all of us here in Milktee didn't want to miss that chance and create something special and lovely for our Raya collection. So, the story begins, it was a sunny afternoon where we did our weekly meeting, as we looking into new ideas for our new collection. As one of our colleague suggested that we should do something special than usual for Raya.


So, the brainstorming begins as we search high and low for this Raya collection. From the design, ideas, theme, colours, material took us months and thousand meetings to make this collection really happen.


And the result? We are beyond happy with everything. Pastel as our main theme and colour, we reallyyyy can't wait to show it to you guys! We even custom made our very own raya packets that compliments with the theme. You will get it for free with ANY purchase from our website!

In the mean time, do follow us on our facebook and instagram to find out more on this collection.

Talk to you soon, Ladies! :D




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