Sometimes, we have one of those days where you are all lazy to create an outfit with a multitude of layers and details just to achieve that look you’re going after.


But it’s okay, don’t worry.

You will be thrilled to hear that The Minimalism trend is dominating this summer and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



Simplicity, is the keyword. 


But of course, Minimalist trend is often easier said than done.

Here, let us help you.

Just get your pen and paper ready.

Here are some tips on how to master the minimalist trend and look fashionable without having too much of layers of clothes and accessories.


1) Keep It Simple 

Less is More. Yup, it’s true. Try to look out for sleek silhouettes and simple fabric, that feel great and look expensive. Avoid clothes or accessories that are too complex and clashing pattern is a no-no. The simpler the better.



2) Stick to Neutral Colours .


Choosing colour palette for your outfit can be hard, especially when you want to achieve this minimal is look. Why not go with neutral colour palette. They can easily pull your outfit together and great with other colours.




3) If must add colour, limited to one piece 

Yes, only one. I know, some of us just can’t live without colour. But if you really must add colour into you look, limit it to just only one.  It could be anything. Your bag, accessories, tops, bottom, shoes or anything. You decide.




4) Easy With Layers 

Try to stick your outfit containing a single item (like a dress or jumpsuit), separates, or a matching suit set. As for outwear, a single coat or jacket that matches the rest of your outfit should be enough. The key here is to create a fuss-free outfit.




5) Create Structure 

Minimalist isn’t all about jeans and t-shirt. It can be as interesting as choosing your outfit with different shapes and silhouettes . Try with boxy top, or any structured shapes outfit that are interesting and goes along with you whole look. Asymmetrical details are also great for adding some extra detail to an outfit.



Easy right?


Remember, the key is “ Less Is More” .


Plus, styling basic pieces (minimal) are a joy because they’ll go with everything in your closet. it’s so simple, it’s sure to never go out of style.


So, are you a Fashion Minimalist ?



xoxo .



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