Are you tshirt and jeans kind of girl?

Bored with your same look everyday?

Why not spice up your outfit by giving them a major boost !

I know, we all sometimes have that moment where we open our closet,

trying to be as fashionista as you can, but end up with the same outfit look everyday.

Why? It's easy.

We are just too lazy to make the effort.


But who says basic look is boring?

Turns out, with small changes and additions of accessories can make all the difference in your appearance.

Play around with your accessories.

They are fun, crazy cute and they make a great pick me up on any basic outfit ladies. 

Handbag. The most valuable accessories a woman can have.

If you think that your bag is boring and outdated, why not go for a crazy,

playful type of handbag either with statement word, different shapes or even with fun pictures on them.

With this trick, it will make a big change to your basic look and will surely draw a simple attention your way.


Just by adding something to your outfit, make them as your statement pieces, and poof!

You are just giving your basic a major boost.

How easy is that?

Go on, and try it. You wont be end up with the same look ever again!

Till then, xoxo.

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