I know.

 Print Mixing can be kind of scary. But let’s face it, the print on print trend has been around for quite a while. And we still can see a lot of fashionista going all out with these prints. You know, to be completely different from others.A head-to-toe print is a bold choice, and mixing two different styles can really add to the impact. The bottom line is patterns add interest to any outfit, and everyone, of any size, should have that in their style arsenal.

 The best part is, they are so easy to do it. Just check out these tips on how to mix prints like a pro and keep them in mind the next time you decide to get playful with your outfit.



1) Same Colour Palette



It’s more about the overall image and strong visuals than getting it right. The colors don’t always have to match exactly but try to keep them in the same family to make the look cohesive.



2) Mixing Small & Big Prints



If you are wearing smaller prints on top, go for bigger prints for bottom. And vice versa. The contrast of big prints with small and thick prints paired with thin makes your overall look visually appealing while still making a strong, not overwhelming, statement.



3) Contrasting in Colour



Now this is for the real daredevils. There really are no tips here, just go for it. Make sure it compliments the other clothing item you’re pairing it with and always ask for another opinion.



4) With Stripes 



In fashion world, stripes goes with almost anything. So treat them as ‘neutral’. Stripes are the easiest to mix with prints and go great with graphics, floral prints, polka dots, geometric prints, animal prints and much more.



5) Simple Accessories.





Yes. Keep them simple. Since you are doing prints on prints are a bold statement enough, your accessories should be toned down a bit. Going easy on your accessories will ensure you that you won’t end up looking over the top with your bold outfit.




Whether you have tried unsuccessfully to mix prints in the past or are looking for a new way to showcase your more creative side, following these tips for mixing your prints will help your create and command a sassy ensemble.



Which of these daring ideas are you going to try?




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