Valentine's is all about LOVE !



It's a perfect day to express and show your love to your loved ones. It could be anybody. Your family, friends, or even your new date ! It's the day where people find excuses to shower their loved ones with some thoughtful gifts.



And we will do the same ! Since we love our customer very dearly, we are giving out this beautiful Valentine's Card for you.




You like it ? Would it be cool if you could share this card by sending them to your loved ones?


Like This !




Just put picture on one side, and write your love note onto the other side.



Wanna make things more interesting ? 




For everyone one of you that received this special card, what you can do is ;


  • Write this card along with photo to your someone special .

  • Snap the photo of the card, just like above .

  • Post it on your instagram, with caption that define LOVE to you .

  • Don't forget to include hashtag,  #milkteelove  in your caption. 


The most creative caption will win something special from us !


Hurry, you don't want to miss this !



Time to spread some LOVE .


And remember, a heartfelt card is usually just as appreciated.





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