HAPPY 2015 !


Hey everyone, how’s 2015 so far? Any good? Well, it’s pretty normal that every one have New Resolution every New Year. (although they kept using the same resolution every year. Hihi) .

If one of your New Year's resolutions involves not to spend a ton of money on clothes, then we suggest you with these tops that every one of you should own in your closet !


Check out these Top 5 tops in the different category, and we think you’ll agree too.




"Lazy" Shirt


I mean hey, I bet everyone has at least one lazy shirt in their closet. One of those shirts that you will wear them repeatedly due to its comfiness. Once known as a schlubby weekend staple, T-shirts can get way more mileage than being your go-to couch surfing wear. Use them as part of a chic layering ensemble or dress them up with a cute scarf and bag. The possibilities are practically endless.





Denim has been around for…  oh, like forever ! It’s just one of those style that never seems to go out of style . All you have to do is mixing-and-matching them accordingly to the season and occasion. And no matter what your body shape is, denim is definitely a mainstay in every woman’s closet.




Tank Top

They can be too boring. Or too easy. But, they are more than just a work out tops. How about tank top with jeans? I know, nothing will ever beat this look! You can use them as a layering piece as well when you need an outfit that’s not too warm nor too cold. Just slip it on and throw on a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan on top and you’re good to go.





There’s something about a Blazer that lets everyone know you mean business. But that’s not the case. It works for daily combinations as well as for a night out. You can combine with a blazer in so many ways such as with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. You even can wear a simple T-shirt, a shirt, or even an elegant top with a blazer. Blazers are perfect for all seasons.



White Button-Down

Everyone knows that this crisp white button-down is essential to a wardrobe. The most basic, yet makes the boldest statement, guaranteed. Whether you knot it, roll up the sleeves, pair it with jeans, tuck it in, or top it with a blazer or comfy sweater, you will never go wrong with it. There are just so many looks you can create with a white button down so make sure you have this in your closet.







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