People commonly are afraid of this pattern. Why? Because most of them have this common misconception that stripes will make you look bigger and wider. But who said that?
If you know what kind of stripes to go for, stripes can definitely make you look very chic. Plus, thanks to the fierce and fashion-forward fashionista today, striped are quickly having a comeback!


So, how do you wear stripes? 
We have 5 streetstyle ways to wear Stripes and look fab. 



With Leather


I mean, hey, what can go wrong when u pair up with leather? Pair them up together and, poof! you'll get your instant classic look. How awesome is that? The cool part is, you can wear them with sneakers, for a cool casual look or rock some ankle boots and take the outfit to the next level.






Secret to look tall? Tadaa. Just wear a vertically striped pants and it will give you the illusion of longer legs. Pair them with any plain coloured top, a simple style you can pull them of, and is sure to make your legs to appear more slender as well. 




Stripes on Stripes


Matching striped separates - one really chic trend. By wearing different types of stripes for your top and bottom, gives you the most popular combinations that we've been seeing on models and celebs. There is no such things of TOO much stripes. This is definitely a fun outfit idea to try!






The striped blazer is the perfect statement piece. It's the perfect piece to wear over your little black dress! It'll turn your outfit into street-chic and give you some serious style points. Keep the accessories to a minimum because this blazer does all the talking!




Maxi Dress


One of the idea on how you can rock your street style clothes while maintain your feminine fashion sense.  Stripes on maxi dresses are a refreshing break from the plain and floral ones which is what most women like to wear. To make your maxi dress outfit even more street style, you can wear flip flops with it instead of the usual heels or wedges.


Well, there you have it. These are just a few out of many awesome ways to wear stripes. 
So tell us, which look is your favourite?


Till then, xoxo.
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