3 Ways to wear a blouse 


Let's face it - there are so many times where you have that one favourite basic shirt in your closet, 

and every time to try to style them up, you are just too clueless on where to start, what goes with what and

you end up wearing them the same style over and over again. Boring? no?


Fashion can be overwhelming, especially for those on a tight budget. Of course we want something

that doesn't leaves a hole in our purse, yet can be wore in different occasion.


To help you with it, we have picked one shirt that totally can go for three different styles!


1) The Sunday Stroll 

Catching up with your girlfriends on weekend? Try this look. A white, crisp shirt, cute grid paperbag skirt, with a matching blue satchel. Add on some comfy scarf around your neck, with a dash of red earring. You are all set.






2) The Serious Office Look.

Whether you're a corporate-leader, or just getting ready for your job interview, nailing your first look is essential. The right look will say, " I'm polished, I'm professional and I'm serious". With black shirt, bag and belt, tone down a bit your look with some tan coloured pants. Oh, don't forget your gold earring. Just to add some feminine touch to it.





3) The Date Night

Give your shirt a dress up feel with a floaty midi skirt, a clutch and a matching jewellery.

Something casual-yet-still-totally-flirty look. You'll feel good in it. Now, did we hear a second date is coming? :)




Now, are you all inspired yet? ;)

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